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FTB - Brilliance

I read a lot of blog posts and newspaper articles every day. Lots of them are for work but more of them are about the Leafs, the NHL, or the world at large. Every once in a while you come across something that just needs to be shared with a larger audience. Whether it's because it's thought provoking or entertaining or extremely informative it deserves the largest audience possible. Cox Bloc's latest blog post falls into that category. It's a long read (although you'll wish it was longer) and you should probably not read it at work (you'll laugh that loud) but you should send it to anyone you know that will appreciate it or even those that don't yet. Here's a taster and it doesn't even do the entire post justice:

It is not true that anyone can write on deadline. It is not true that anyone can do an interview. It is not true that anyone can edit themselves and sort wheat from chaff. It is not true that even great productive writers like The Globe's Jim Christie or Ms. DiManno or Mr. Farber can hit a home run every time they sit before the laptop. But the odds of them doing it are greatly increased if they haven't already filed 1,200 words to the Web, shot a video, done a podcast and blogged ferociously all day long. 

Godd: Fun fact - doing something over and over again makes you worse at it. Christie can't believe we're sitting here talking about PRACTICE.

Teaser: Chemmy has something ready for next week that will blow you away just as much.

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