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FTB - It's A Contest!

I've talked to the boss man, and we've decided on a way to give away some of the pins I had made up when I was still blogging on my crummy old blog. We're going to be giving away one whole pin every week! Wow!

There's also going to be a prize for getting some new blood to show up around here but I'm not sure how we'll judge that yet, so if you know 100 people who should post on Pension Plan Puppets, start preparing them.

"But Chemmy," you're saying, "who will get that one coveted pin?" Dear Readers and PPP (my boss, don't tell him I've been leaving early), all you have to do is post a Fanshot or a Fanpost. At the end of the week, I'll decide on which Fanshot/post I like best. That's the official judging criteria, and before you all think of devilish ways to bribe me, Moose already offered naked photos of himself on a Slip n Slide made entirely out of Calgary Flames jerseys so that he could get all of the pins to taunt you folks.

Some links while you think about interesting things to post here: