OK DGB, I'll see your Leafs trivia....

(Actually, when I was at school, DGB stood for "dirty great beam".  But that's another story.) 

Was looking at the 92-93 trivia questions at Down Goes Brown and was completely embarrassed that I only got the answer to half of one of them (Berg).  So I'm attempting to salvage some pride.

1) What sweater number has been worn by the greatest number of players in Leaf history? - # 16 worn by 66 players

2) Who was the second-last Leaf to wear #17? - Bill Stewart

3) Henrik Lundqvist set a record a couple years back for most wins by a rookie Ranger goalie.  What one-time Leaf was the previous holder of that record? - Johnny Bower

4) Rick Vaive set a Leaf record for goals in a season with 54 in 1981-82.  Whose record did he break?  Whose record did that guy break? - Frank Mahovolich (48 in 1960-61) and Babe Dye (38 in 1924-25 for the St. Pats)

5) Who was the player traded for the first-rounder the Leafs used to draft Ian Turnbull? - Jacques Plante

6) Who was the last Leaf to lead the league in goals? - Gaye Stewart

7) Who was the last Leaf captain to retire as Leaf captain (Mats doesn't count yet). - Ted "Teeder" Kennedy 

8) Who was the last Leaf to have played with a member of the 1967 Cup winners? - Ron Francis

9) Tomas Kaberle has played 681 NHL games, all with Toronto.  Who was the last Leaf lifer (played only for the Leafs) to have a career that long? - Ron Ellis

10) What sweater number was worn for the first time in Leaf history last season? - #50 Darryl Boyce

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