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Reading the Tea Leafs: Ryan Hollweg

Following on the success of two other dormant series Chemmy and I have decided that in order to fill the gap in NHL news that we'll take a look at each of the current Leafs, possible Leafs on the Marlies, and prospects. We'll recap their performance last year, what we can expect from them, and how they can win our hearts (hint: signing the contract was a good first step...unless your name is Bryan McCabe). We have no idea how long of a series this will end up being or how consistent it will be but with two of us expect it to only be half as half-assed and twice as timely.

Hopefully Hollweg can find something better to be known for other than being made a human t-ball. Or this.

Contract Status (according to NHL Numbers)
$525K salary, $512K cap hit, RFA July 1, 2009

Age (as of October 1, 2008)
25 April 23, 1983

NHL Seasons

Run of the Mill Biographical Information

2007-2008 Stats and Team Ranking

(Scoring rates via Behind The Net)

Counting Stats Total/Rank Category 5-on-5 5-on-4 4-on-5
Games Played 70 / - TOI/60 8.19 - 24 0.09 - 22 0.02 - 22
Goals 2 / - Pts/60 0.42 - 21 0.00 - 17 0.00 - 12
Assists 2 / - GFON/60 0.42 - 24 0.00 - 17 0.00 - 12
Points 4 / - GAON/60 1.67 - 21 0.00 - 11 0.00 - 24

Marital Status
No idea but the puck bunnies on that site are on the case.

Former Leaf he'd have to play like in order to be christened a deity
Ken Baumgartner. If he is willing to fly around the ice laying hits and starting fights then he'll be welcomed with open arms.

Biggest Question Marks
What fourth liner does he displace in order to crack the lineup?

2007-2008 Summary

The numbers show that Hollweg didn't make much of a contribution to the Rangers last season. I asked a Rangers' blogger to provide an evaluation of his season so when I get it I'll post it.

More coming soon...

Projected 2008-2009 role/team

Realistically, Hollweg is facing a tough road to even make the Leafs' opening day roster. If the Leafs were a John Hughes movie they'd have horribly overcast the "Fourth Line Grinder" role and left the "Superstar" casting to a new face ("And now presenting, for the first time, Nikolai Kulemin!") or possibly the return of a veteran.

Looking at the forwards under contract there just isn't much room for him. The locks are Ponikarovsky, Antropov, Stajan, Steen, Blake, Bell, Devereaux, Moore, Mayers. That's already nine forwards and two of those (Devereaux and Moore) are likely going to take up spots on the fourth line (third line as the peak). That doesn't even include guys like Tlusty and Kulemin and Grabovski that will get every chance to snag one of the top 9 spots at camp. Or for that matter, guys like Newbury, Ondrus, Bates, Boyce, or Earl who will also be looking to crack the lineup. Last year the media lamented that there was not enough competition for spots in training camp but now it looks like Hollweg will have to work his tail off just to get a spot on the team.

All of that makes you wonder why Fletcher would even trade a fifth rounder for him. Being 25 does give him a bit of an advantage in that, unlike Bates, giving him fourth line minutes isn't a waste of a spot that another player could take. If he makes the team he'll fit the Belak role but there won't be much else coming from him.