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FTB - Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

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Why the CBC didn't just snap this up and make it the new HNiC theme is beyond me. And yes, I think it should be the Nickelback version. Not a fan but, I don't care who you are, that will pump you up. I drew the short straw and am going to pick up a friend at the airport at 7am (nice scheduling champ) so I will miss any links from 5pm until Saturday afternoon. If you come across any links you want to share toss them into the comments.

Remember that Chemmy's Contest ends after the weekend and it's your last chance to win one of the pins. So far there have been a lot of good submissions so you'll have to go the extra mile (bribe) to win (bribe) the competition (bribe). Also, no bribes will be accepted (wrong).