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FTB - Lazy Sunday Edition

Whooo! Long Weekend! No work tomorrow. Make sure to check out Chemmy's two Reading the Tea Leafs (now with marital status) on Jamal Mayers and Poor Jeff Finger (he's apparently officially known as that). Oh, and here's part-time self-loathing Leaf fan, full-time douchebag Howard Berger's latest crime against logic:

Van Ryn comes to a Toronto club devoid of anything that even resembles a front-line NHL skater

But the Tool of Tools does do some actual reporting:

In the world of media, there is rather surprising news from the Toronto Sun that veteran reporter Lance Hornby is being removed from the hockey beat. Lance has capably covered the Maple Leafs for the past 20 years, with a keen awareness and appreciation for the history of the Blue & White. But, he’ll no longer be following the team on a regular basis. Instead, reporters Rob Longley and Steve Buffery will move to the Leafs’ beat.

Longley has primarily covered football at the Sun in recent years, while Buffery has spent time with the NBA Toronto Raptors, while penning a humorous, sometimes bizarre, weekly column about “life” as a newspaper jock. Both are good guys and good writers. Rumors persist that Mike Zeisberger will take on an increased role in hockey coverage at the paper, though the Zee man is keeping quiet about his immediate future.

So they are taking one of the lone bright spots in the world of  Leafs' coverage (only other bright spots: Hockey Night in Canada and the Barilkosphere) and replace it with a guy that covers football (not the good one) and a guy that writes about what it's like to be a newspaper dumbass and likes basketball? Fuck us. Ten bucks says that the line about them being good guys and good writers gets proven to be false before the end of pre-season. Good thing Kim Jorn is returning to the safety of the centre of the universe. Those guys won't know what hit them.

Here are some links in case it is raining outside.

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