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FTB - Long Weekend Wrap-up Edition

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Whew. What does not kill you will only make you stronger. In fact, my liver will now be competing in the Beijing Olympics in the weightlifting competition because it did quite a bit of heavy lifting this weekend. Still no word from Mats and, I wish this wasn't true, but Friday night once I got up north I dreamt that Mats had signed with Montreal for $5.5M. I woke up in a cold sweat angry that Mats had signed after I got out of range of any computers. I definitely have a blogging problem. Or I would have had one if anything had happened over the weekend.

Anyway, first off, the good news from the weekend: All of you visitors combined to set a new monthly record for Pension Plan Puppets with 8301 visits and 20265 page views. It's a great thing that sitemeter went bust on the weekend thereby making it extra hard to top July in August. But I have a feeling it'll happen.

The Origins of Fandom series certainly helped move July's numbers and were definitely an interesting addition to the site. If you still haven't put one together then there is no time like the present before the season starts and it hurts too much to reflect on how you ended up supporting a team that is doing nothing but cause you pain.

Luckily for anyone that needed something to read over the weekend some people didn't go into isolation and abandon you: