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FTB - Improvement Edition

The Puck Daddy is having various media people help fill his posting gap during the summer with five ideas on how they would improve the NHL if they were the commissioner. Pretty slick trick. Will Leitch, the godfather of the blogosphere, was up yesterday and...well it betrays his need to turn everything into a joke and his lack of hockey knowledge. 

Sherry tosses up some good ones herself although, having played hockey I'd question whether number 5 is possible. Luckily for us, the fanshots have an option specifically designed for top 5 lists. What a lucky break. So why not toss some ideas up especially all of you new people that don't comment. I specifically mention the new people because I am scared of what might come from LD or Jared.

But the really big news today is that a member of the Barilkosphere is turning one today which in blog terms is about five years old. He Score! He Shoot! was started on this date in 2007. Years from now scientists will debate whether the inclusion of Moose triggered the beginning of the end times or if it was just one more harbinger of doom but like Pandora's Box the evil that was unleashed also brought with it hope in the form of Greener. Mostly the hope that one day he'll avenge Moose's slights against Leafs Nation through an actual act of violence instead of a well-written dialogue. Also, Norte speaks Spanish and called me Billy Preston (pretty good I guess) so there's that to balance out Moose as well. Basically, I just want to know when the next podcast is coming. Congrats gentlemen on keeping up with something that can at times be soul-crushing (are you ready for the season!?!?!), at times thoughtful (not too often), but usually gratifying. Except for those posts where no one comments.