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From The Branches - On Stupidity

Well since there is so little hockey news I am going to unload on a couple of things that have been bothering me for a while. As you read this, don't worry, I am not armed and am not going to be hunting dumbasses. I couldn't get a license for it.

Toronto's Olympics will be kicking off on Friday. Unfortunately, due to the greed and corruption fo the IOC they will be taking place in Beijing. Now, I understand the desire of multinationals to access the vast Chinese market and cozy up to a ridiculously evil regime rather than invade it especially since things have not worked out so well in Iraq and China could actually defend itself. And I also understand why IOC representatives from poor countries that are bribed with several months' worth of their normal salaries would vote for the Chinese and try to label it as 'sticking together' as if the Chinese cared about you more than North America (hint: they like you as far as they can exploit you). Spare me the argument that this was meant to be some sort of key to fostering better relations between China and the West. Only during one period in their history (1421-1423) have the Chinese shown any desire to be part of the larger world and then they shut up shop again. Whether it's steps to prevent global warming, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, fair trade, the protection of copyrights and intellectual property, basic human rights or any of a long list of international values China has demonstrated that they could care less about what the rest of the world wants. Anyone who believes otherwise should give me a call because I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell them.

Anyway, now people will express shock that stories like this one by Rosie DiManno (The Ugly Canadian) or this one or any countless of others that have described how the Chinese have basically gone back on every promise that they made prior to receiving the Olympics. These are the same people that thought that giving the the games to the USSR in 1980 (and then boycotting them - way to use the poor athletes as pawns to sooth your guilty consciences) or Germany in 1936 was going to trigger some great recognition of the value of their fellow man. Basically idiots.

Now, I can't prove it, but I am pretty sure that some of those IOC delegates (including that South Korean that went to jail) are commenters on Puck Daddy's site. He has an awesome gig. He blogs full-time with incredicle access thanks to Yahoo! But with the good comes the bad and by bad I mean horrific and specifically the mouth breathers that populate the comments. The most common comment decries Wyshynski! for something he has not even written. In his series of "5 Ways to Improve the NHL" he has reached out to numerous members of the media, including Will Leitch and Craig Custance, for submissions. Take a look at those comments. I defy you to not weep at the thought of those same people ever reproducing and having children that could one day grow to vote in elections. This could be real life any generation now.

I wrote a Eulogy for the Habs for Greg after Montreal was eliminated. Count how many times the commenters slam Wyshynski! for the piece even though the first line introduces the fact that he did not write the following post. Same with the Custance and Leitch articles. Sure, sarcasm might be a little tough to get across in writing but not if you have any shred of logic. Does it actually make sense for Custance to want the Canadian teams axed? Then why would you assume that he actually meant it? I would love to get an e-mail from one of those idiots to know the logic behind their replies. The world is going to hell in a handbasket and it's the fault of fairness.

Giving the Olympics to China was meant to be fair. Letting people believe that they are entitled to their own opinion regardless of how ass backwards it may be is a product of society's desire to ensure that no one feels like a loser. Well guess what? There are losers in any sporting event (seriously, not keeping score in kids games!) and there are stupid opinions and overwhelming Yahoo is a teeming mass of dumbasses.

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