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From The Branches - Freedom!

I just managed to catch a couple of minutes of the opening ceremonies but wow, can communist countries ever put on a show. And that 9 year old hero from the earthquake that Yao Ming was carrying could be the cutest kid on the planet. But it's ironic that on the day (or day after? I hate time zones) that one of the world's most repressive regimes (when do we get change?) opened the World Image Games the Leafs might be freed of the burden that is Bryan McCabe.

Throughout his ultimately extremely fruitful post-lockout campaign I had a friend that would become enraged with every goal that the blueliner potted and every second assist that he picked up. He'd rail about the lack of defensive acumen present in Mr. McCabe and rage at the albatross of a contract that would inevitably appear. He referred to it as the anchor around the franchise's neck. And he was right. But today it looks like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.

"Bryan is starting to think about possibly getting his career started somewhere else," said Fletcher. "We'll leave him alone. He's going to get back to us in a couple of weeks. There's not going to be any issues. I'm really confidant it's going to be resolved amicably before training camp."

NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelly had some fighting words as did Glen Healy once upon a time but here's some truths for both of those gentlement to ponder:

  • The Leafs signed Bryan McCabe a contract in order to control his hockey playing services.
  • Nowhere in the contract does it say that a player must be played.
  • Fletcher did not force him to accept these terms. He simply let him know that the Leafs would be exercising their contractual right to not play him.
  • Bring the noise because MLSE will bury you with lawyers.

There is always the threat that the PA could tell their members to boycott the Leafs but considering the legal battle they have going against Ted Saskin, the threat of the Leafs' lawyers suiting up, and the fact that their membership tends money I wouldn't worry about empty threats from washed up never-weres that could not hack it as announcers.

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