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Leafs 2 at Sabres 3 (OT): Have Your Say

Computer problems kept a game thread from going up or a preview. My apologies. I actually only caught this game on the radio and only some portions. Here were tonight's rosters. By my count, the Leafs'scratches included eight NHL players and the Sabres only three so it seems like the Sabres brought the heavy hitters after their embarrassing loss in the pre-season opener.

From what I could make out, the Leafs were the better team for 58 minutes and then the referee decided to ignore a blatant (and effing dirty) slew foot by Thomas Vanek (I think it was him that Ralphie named) on Mikhail Grabovski before giving the Sabres one last chance to tie the game.

Now, the stories will focus on the blown 2-0 lead and there is no doubt that this is an issue but here are a few bright spots. First, that wasn't the Leafs that gave up the lead. It was a split squad. On top of that, this is a perfect teaching opportunity for Ron Wilson. That is exactly what the preseason is supposed to provide the new coach. He can better prepare the team to hold on to their leads in the regular season by having chances to highlight mistakes in tonight's game.

Anyway, what did you guys think of the game? Who stood out for you? Who looked out of place? What do the boys need to work on?