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FTB - First and Last Impressions

I really, really enjoy movies. I love going to the theatres, plonking down $25 for a ticket, some popcorn, and a large pop and suspending belief for a couple of hours. Come to think of it that might explain why I cheer for the Leafs. Sadly, this weekend one of the best actors ever passed away. I wasn't a Newman-phile per se but I can watch The Sting at the drop of the hat and I will never forget the first time that I watched Slap Shot. Denis Lemieux, Ned Braden, and the Hanson Brothers are all great characters but Reggie Dunlop makes the movie. Here are some reflections on his passing:

After the first half of the preseason schedule Leaf fans have started to make some preliminary observations based on the first impressions of so many new players: