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Negative Nancy Notebook: And Away We Go

In the interest of bringing you Fair and Balanced coverage of the Toronto Maple Leafs, the day after a game PPP and I are going to show you coverage of the Leafs from people who don't like the Maple Leafs.

Maxim Afinogenov has been working on the Buffalo Sabres' top scoring line. He skated with center Derek Roy and left wing Thomas Vanek again on Saturday, and he assisted on every goal during the Sabres' 3-2 overtime victory over Toronto in HSBC Arena.

He's been with the team's leading scorers throughout training camp, a mild surprise considering the Sabres wanted to get rid of him all summer.

But General Manager Darcy Regier couldn't find any takers for the talented and mercurial forward. So instead of heading out of town, Afinogenov is getting a chance to regain his point-per-game form by heading the right wing corps.

I guess what John Vogl is trying to say is that there was another option than dumping Bryan McCabe at the very first opportunity.

This certainly isn't the first version of the Maple Leafs to melt down in dramatic fashion here at HSBC Arena. Over the years, this has been a black hole for any Toronto team getting off a bus at the end of the QEW.

Paul Hunter reminds us what a house of nightmares the Alphabet Arena has been over the years. From the 5-4 collapse to McCabe's Highlight of the Night to the genrally depressing record in the Mustache Capital of the World the Leafs always do their best to make the Sabres look good.

This one, at HSBC Arena, was more spectacular than the late loss at home to Pittsburgh on Friday, as the Leafs held a 2-0 lead over the Sabres with just 2:21 left in regulation, but still managed to lose, 3-2, in overtime.

The Leafs are a special breed of team I guess.

After throwing Pogge at least part-way under the bus, Wilson then said to reporters, “You don’t throw him under the bus. He’s learning his craft and you guys [the media] should respect that and not put too much pressure on him.”

Wilson did it to avoid having you guys toss him under the bus, reverse back over his corpse, and drive again all the while laughing in glee about Tuukka Rask.

Our veterans are taking some bad penalties in some of these situations and I told them if it’s a regular season game and you take a cheap hooking penalty in the first period, you won’t play the rest of the night. That’s the only way you can get that [habit] out of their system. There’s rewards for good behaviour, and punishment for bad.

Coach might want to pick another kind of penalty or he'll end up with everyone stapled to the bench. Oh and Howie, it's spelled with an ''e''.

This is just for all of you UWO grads:

The Queen's Gaels sent a message to their provincial football rivals, and perhaps the No. 1-ranked Laval Rouge et Or, too.

Running back Mike Giffin scored three touchdowns and the Gaels defence forced 12 turnovers to rout the No. 2-ranked Western Mustangs 43-16 on Saturday in a battle for first place in the Ontario University Athletics conference.