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Negative Nancy Notebook - Luke Schenn

In the interest of bringing you Fair and Balanced coverage of the Toronto Maple Leafs, the day after a game Chemmy and I are going to show you coverage of the Leafs from people who don't like the Maple Leafs.

Luke Schenn-sational for Leafs in shootout

Listen up Zwolinski, if that is your real name, leave the puns to the Barilkosphere.

It all came together like a highlight reel, and gave Schenn more ammunition to remain in the NHL – even at his early age – rather than return to the WHL's Kelowna Rockets and a certain berth on Canada's world junior squad.

In fact, Schenn, with solid play in his own zone, smart passing, and strong physical play, is making it harder for Wilson to deny him as each day of training camp passes.

Oh yeah, feel the expectations! Now, I wonder what the commenters think...

Get real everyone. We are so desparate for a winner in Toronto you would think this game is the "2nd Coming"!! Watching the game lasrt night and listening to the radio this morning all the "experts" are predicting good things (again). He is 18 get it 18. This is the pre-season get it the pre-season. If he doesn't go back to junior he will be ruined here like so many before him. Burst your buble leaf fans andface the facts now before it's too late.

Looks like somone pissed in brax's cheerios this morning. You know who plays in the pre-season? NHL players. Who has been dominated by Schenn? NHL players.

The young leafs are reminiscent of the Howie Meeker days. There seems to be more than a little potential going for this new assembly of talent. Hagman, Schenn , Grabovski and Moore seem to be spark plugs. Ron Wilson seems to have not only experience but insight and reliable instincts as well. I expect the Leafs will make the playoffs with points to spare.

I think we need a ruling from 1967ers but I like where his head on the issue. They might not make the playoffs but this season will be interesting. Who is Meeker? He won the Calder so he must be Luke Schenn.

Toronto defenceman Luke Schenn scored in the fourth round of the shootout for the win.

Wharnsby will pay for underplaying the emergence of the second coming of Chris Lidstromeyer.


St. Louis Gametime is stunned by the result.

And we'll leave the last word to Master Yoda:

"Fully defeated by just anyone, the dark sides cannot be, but only by the Chosen One. And who might be this Leaf? Know I do not, but not yet in the NHL is he. This much, sense I can. A vessel of pure Force the Chosen One will be, more powerful than any Leaf in history."