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FTB - The Breakfast of Champions Edition

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Editor's Note: If you guys don't e-mail us feedback on our anonymous posters then you're not getting a new daddy/mommy and that just means that your current daddies will be grumpier about all of the work they have to do to keep you brats happy. That means that somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.

Breakfast is essential way to begin your day. In fact, it is advised you have food in the morning by the Royal Bacon Society. I myself happen to love IHOP despite thinking pancakes are vile. I think the comfort in IHOP/breakfast establishments are the giant picture menus and the wide variety of plated meals then I can blindly points at and say "wheat....over" The most entertaining part is when it's time to choose syrup; warmed maple, blueberry, boysenberry, butter pecan, apricot. I do not advise mixing all of them.

Warm Maple Syrup...

The Other Flavors...

From Chemmy: