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FTB - We're White, We're Blue, We're Drafting Higher Than You

Editor's Note: Here is the fourth and final FTB from our applicants. Please let us know what you think or we'll hire a Habs fan.

Consistently drawn to defeat like an unrepentant shoe fetishist, the Leafs have now only won one of their last eight games. ‘Tank for Tavares’ (also known as ‘Hiatus for Hedman’ and ‘Slide for…umm…Svensson-Paajarvi’) is in full swing and we’ll be watching the remainder of the season from behind the couch as the losing streak becomes as unprecedented as George W. Bush. Let’s see what kernels of comfort we can draw from the faithful.

PPP Update:

  • You want numbers that won't scare you? Check out these odds.
  • Also, head over to the fanshot section where a lot of good stuff gets posted but missed because you're all too busy talking about bacon and nerd stuff.