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Pop Cultural Views on Fandom Paralleled Through Various Facets As Explained In a Vaguely Anthropological Sense

Editor's Note: Here is anoter installment in our quest to find a third contributor to the site. Please e-mail us your frank feedback even if you hate something. It'll help us come to our decision and since you folks have to read what the newcomer writes it behooves you to help. However, you do not get to benefit from their coffee runs.

1. The S&M Model. The Sadism and Masochism (S&M) is the go to model when examining Toronto Maple Leaf fandom. It makes the most sense in that Leafs enjoy the push and pull of their relationship with the team. It's the frequenting of a dominatrix to work out other aggressions. The team represents the interlacing of inside and outside blitzkriegs. Regardless of the savage beating from a prior a session, a Leaf returns with the verve that there could be success and just ignores the bruises as it was worth it. The whips and the chains are all part of the highly enjoyable suffering. While it would appear to be such a scandalous way to look at something, it's done under the guise of Bettie Page. It's the wink and the joy of the restraints. It's having fun with the role playing and smiling for the camera. Suffering can pay off for the better with a higher draft pick. In a sense it's weathering a storm to see the clear sky in the aftermath. It's the satisfaction of potential perfection.

2. The Home Depot/Auto Zone Model. Both of these establishments exist for the intent of anything from a minor repair to a major overhaul. It's a sense of productivity for a tactile person. Some people enjoying having a running project and have a need for something that needs done. The organization is indicative of this. Leafers are accustomed to the taunts of various numbers however the numbers are moot when it is the future is the goal. It's the day when the house is complete and the family/dynasty can occupy the dwellings. It's the process of calculating cubic yardage of cement and purchasing nails for the end product. Same for the restoring the car in the garage. It the fight rolling underneath and messing about the guts and then taking the time to fine tune the engine. The tasks are also collective requiring more than one set of hands and a sense of community, pride and ownership form like in tribes, bandes and chiefdoms. These social bonds are able to maneuver any difficult times. From crops being obliterated by a typhoon to a winless streak of utterly depressing lows.

3. The Heartbreaking Love Songs Model. Music has been quintessential in the foundation of civilization and basic human interaction. The most common theme not just in film and literature is the ever present love or lack of love. A complex emotion that in and of itself that creates art. There are many songs about about the bliss of love. But that is relatively simple. Most all weddings have the same songs played anymore. However, usually the superior songs are the onces crafted out of emotional wrought, lonliness and hurt. It's the routine of being adult, being in a difficult relationship and sorting out problems. There is always some issue at hand or one simmering. It's the explovise, mindblowing, volatile love that sociable beings try and make things happen. It's the common process of just attempting to make things "work." It's the ex a person returns to out of safety, comfort and familiarity. There is a bit of a masochistic tendency involved as well as it can be emotionally and physically taxing. Relationships do fall by the wayside, but the next tends to take on a new and different build. Leafers hearts have room for extraordinary amounts of love as well as heartache.