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Leafs @ Avs: The Required Reading Edition


Darcy Tucker, as always, makes for magical and hilariously inappropriate photo opportunities.

When did the Leafs and Avs play last? I'd approximate it was sometime when Luke Schenn was a sophomore, wait you call that grade 10 right? He probably had to read The Scarlet Letter. With some English teacher who flogged the symbolism of the rose bush and the meaning of "Pearl" senseless. What book was he reading? Oh, the Scarlet Letter. The Avs. Harlots. Hussies. Floosies. All of them! Especially you, Tucker. I have seen the photos.

As always remember to do those SPG picks. Jared can't win them all.

This is your game day thread. Discuss the game. Or tell me I got symbolism and motif mixed up. And I lack the whatever to appreciate literary classics...