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NNN: Playoff Team Beats Rebuilding Team

From Four Habs Fans:

Also can't believe the league is going to look the other way after that dust up - seems like Grabs is getting the Curtis Joseph treatment. (Ed. note: RDS reports that Grabby got 3 games.)

Clearly what HFF33 (were all the good names taken on Blogger?) wanted was for Colin Campbell to crucify Grabovski during the game for his horrible transgression. It's absolutely indefensible to be skating at full speed, jump off your feet, and hit someone from behind face first into the end boards.

Huh? Oh, wrong guy. My mistake.

Both Greek Lightening and Franky may have lost the technical decision in their fights, but Cube hanging in there with a guy 6 inches taller energized the team - and the crowd. And proved that "intimidation" tactics are not going to win hockey games when you have no talent.

The operative word is "hung". Boullion was desperately trying to turtle despite his visor, but Brad May had him wrapped up.

Special thanks goes out to Toksalad's (FHF nickname award (non-Habs division) winner, 2008-2009 season; take a bow, Moeman)

Is this joke funny in French? Is this joke funny to dyslexics? I hope so, because I don't get it.

Montreal's supposed to be the class of the East. They're ten points out of first in their division at the halfway mark. Toronto is finally rebuilding (and it's not like they were good last year) and having lost Mats Sundin Toronto is still scoring. Congratulations on beating the Leafs, I guess. At least Montreal didn't riot last night.