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PICK SPG - The Guessing Game

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Some of you that were with us last year are familiar with Pick SPG and the rest of you are currently scratching your heads. Basically, this is a simple game for those that are not in one of the fantasy pools to play that will provide bragging rights to one person. This year the loophole that let Chemmy lordosis (either way, it was cheap which makes sense for someone from Port Hope) win by betting against the Leafs has been closed. All you have to do is guess which Maple Leaf will get the first shot on goal, penalty or goal for any given period including overtime and the shootout (no penalty in this one).

So how do you play?

  1. Head over to the Pick SPG site and create an account. Everyone has to do this even if you had an account last year.
  2. Select tonight's game.
  3. Make your choices. For those that played last year "Will Not Happen" is no longer an option.
  4. Confirm your selections.
  5. Become increasingly upset as none of your predictions are correct.

It's really a simple game to play. Once the full schedule is uploaded you can pick games in the future or you can just let your picks ride but not in the truest sense. You have to log in and confirm that you want to let them ride. Also, check your spam folders if you don't get the e-mail.