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Don't Even Think About It, Cowboy

Tonight the Maple Leafs take on the New York Rangers in Madison Square Garden. Let's hope the Leafs do better tonight and can shake this Case of the Mondays which is going around. Seriously, let's cheer up buttercups. Morale is low right now, but let's turn it around. Mmkay? This is your first period game thread. No fancy tricks or music. Is that ok with you? No, you're right. It needs something.

This one time Sean Avery was on Cribs:


Yeah well that's really nice Sean, Imma let you finish but I have the best Crib of all time! You see this? THIS IS THE CRITERION COLLECTION OF THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS ON DVD. I got mad shoes, son! Look at em all. Hockey jerseys, I got tons of those. I got a Chiefs, a Nordiques even a Team Russia. See right here? This bed is where the magic happens. We watch a lil' 30 Rock while eating hint of lime Tostitos and pass out sometime around 2 am after the Golden Girls marathon on Hallmark Channel. This whip right here? Yeah, it's a Mercury Sable. Rolling on stock rims, son! Yeah it's got a tapedeck iPod converter!

Show me around your Crib.