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Maple Leafs Lose Opener, Fans Lose Minds

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Look, I love Leafs fans. Three "Go Leafs Go" chants started on my walk from my car to the bar last night and high fives were given out like free candy from the back of Carey Price's van. There was a lot of good to see in last night's game especially the Leafs' ability to pin the Habs in their own zone for stretches at a time, they created a lot of shots and scoring opportunities, and there were a couple of scraps. The things that were not so good (Beauchemin twice getting beat by a bouncing puck, Komisarek taking eleventy billion penalties) are things that will get worked out with familarity between defensive partners.

I don't want to get into the Vesa debate because honestly if you're still arguing that he's an NHL calibre goalie I don't have time for you but goal 2 - use your stick to block the pass out front and goal 4 why are you sliding into the corner? He had help from his defence in giving up both of those goals but a 6'3" goalie probably stops both of them.

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P.s. click on the picture above to go to a gallery of pictures from the game.

If I missed any it's likely because I hate you or because I woke up at 630am and just hate everything right now. You may never know. Toss them in the comments.