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Injury Update Super Post!

From Rogers Sportsnet, Jonas Gustavsson is expected to be in action on Monday against the Anaheim Ducks. From a purely speculative standpoint I can only hope that this is to simply give him extra time to rest. No sense rushing Gustavsson back early at this point.

The other Leafs goaltender, Vesa Toskala, wore full gear and skated for 20 minutes this morning, reports, he was supposed to be out two weeks and is probably on schedule. Don't care.

Phil Kessel also practiced this morning and still isn't cleared for contact. His mid November return is probably on schedule though personally I wouldn't mind seeing him wait until December to make sure his shoulder is really 100%. This season isn't going to see Toronto win a playoff spot so the Leafs medical staff should be careful to let our injuries heal properly without rushing players.

This quote from Ron Wilson, courtesy of AM640's Jonas Siegel, shows that things may be turning around:

"I want some players to get mad at each other, not me just getting mad at them," Wilson said. "They have to get really mad within to bust out of this. I see it coming. It wouldn't shock me if before the end of the week, we may have a fight or two in practice which I think would be a good kind of a elixir for us to show that we're getting angry that we haven't won a game up to this point."

Let's hope the players get mad about this losing streak and do something about it, even if it is a fight at practice.