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Who Sits, and Who Skates?

Welcome to another installment of "Be a GM/Coach" where you faithful, huddled, unwashed masses, get to have your say.  Sure, professional Coaches and GMs have a wealth of experience and education to draw upon.  Of course they have contacts who know the ins and outs of the game.  But you've got an armchair and some Cheetohs, and your buddy Steve down the street once knew a guy, who dated a gal who had an uncle who knew a guy that washed Scotty Bowman's car...


You can also look where you point, unlike SOME people...(via

We're going with another coaching question this week (somehow I missed posting one of these last week, my bad.)  The Leafs have had their first win of the season, and it's obvious to anyone with eyes that the team is now an unstoppable juggernaut of equal parts skill and sandpaper.  However, there is a new team to go through on our way to the PLAYOFFS!!!!1.

Dallas, unlike Anaheim, has been on an upswing.  They've got a fast team, with a good mix of veterans and youth.  Currently sitting 6th in the West, they've scored 37 goals already this season, one fewer than the Leafs have already given up.

It's now up to you Coach!  Who gets the call against the Stars?  What does your roster look like?  Do you stay with a winning team from Anaheim, or were their enough mistakes made that warrant someone getting a seat in the press box?  Give us your best guesses for the roster on Wednesday, and bonus points to those who pick the shooters, should we get to a shoot out.

After the jump, you'll have your options.

Here's the Leafs current roster, make sure you've got all your bases covered when filling out your line up!


Francois Beauchemin 22 D 6/4/1980 207 6-0
Jason Blake 55 LW 9/2/1973 180 5-10
Garnet Exelby 3 D 8/16/1981 215 6-1
Jeff Finger 4 D 12/18/1979 205 6-1
Mikhail Grabovski 84 C 1/31/1984 179 5-11
Niklas Hagman 9 LW 12/5/1979 205 6-0
Tomas Kaberle 15 D 3/2/1978 200 6-1
Mike Komisarek 8 D 1/19/1982 243 6-4
Nikolai Kulemin 41 LW 7/14/1986 183 6-1
Joey MacDonald 29 G 2/7/1980 197 6-0
Jamal Mayers 21 RW 10/24/1974 214 6-1
John Mitchell 39 C 1/22/1985 182 6-1
Colton Orr 28 RW 3/3/1982 222 6-3
Alexei Ponikarovsky 23 LW 4/9/1980 220 6-4
Wayne Primeau 18 C 6/4/1976 225 6-4
James Reimer 34 G 3/15/1988 208 6-2
Jay Rosehill 38 D 7/16/1985 195 6-3
Luke Schenn 2 D 11/2/1989 216 6-2
Matt Stajan 14 C 12/19/1983 200 6-1
Viktor Stalberg 45 LW 1/17/1986 210 6-3
Lee Stempniak 12 RW 2/4/1983 195 6-0
Rickard Wallin 51 C 4/19/1980 185 6-2
Ian White 7 D 6/4/1984 185 5-10