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The Toronto Maple Leafs Present Jonas Gustavsson In...


The Puck Whisperer (via

Jonas talks to the puck and settles it down.  He says "it's OK, you don't need to go in the net.  You don't even want to go in the net."  The puck quietly comes to rest at Gustavsson's feet, and the gentle giant some call "Monster" reaches down and gently scoops the puck out of harms way.

"There, there little buddy.  Doesn't that feel better?" Jonas asks the puck.  Quietly, the rounded piece of vulcanized rubber settles into the goal keepers glove.  It's finally home...

At least, that's how I imagine things happen when the Monster is in the net.  After three seasons of nail biting adventures whenever the puck comes within 15 feet of the net, I find myself reaching a zen like state when the Monster goes to work.  "He's got this" seems to be a phrase set to repeat in my mind when it comes to Jonas Gustavsson.