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Gustavsson is the Real Deal: Politely Shut Up About Toskala

The Leafs lose to the Senators 2-1 on a bizarre penalty shot and a goal that looks like it was high sticked in by Ottawa's fourth line.

Terrible reffing aside the Leafs were outshot 28-26 and didn't show any jump until the end of the third - too little too late just like in Washington. Additionally, I didn't see a lot of truculence. I don't care if he draws the instigator; the point of having Colton Orr is for him to pound people. If no one on Ottawa wants to dance Orr should be punching the hell out of Ottawa's skill players.

Another disappointing game, aside from the Monster stopping 26 of 28 (.929), sees the Leafs fall to 0-2-1.