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Today's' FTB is a One Question Exam: Leafs < Good.

We'll also need to show our work.  What we do know about last night is we had one guy making cross crease passes like you won't believe.  We had disinterested forwards, inept defensemen and one goalie who played his way into Saturday at the least.  Let's see how the arith-a-ma-tic shakes out...

[(Forwards - truculence) + (defense - belligerence)] * (All-Star D-man + good goaltending) = last night?

Well now, that doesn't look right.  Oh well, math was never my strong suit.  Maybe someone else can come up with the answers in the links.  But I'll save you the trouble.  There are no answers, except, it's only the third game...

In what I can only assume will be a regular occurrence on week day games, the posts are a plethora of recaps.

Glove tap to PPPer "Van Ryn's Neurologist" for the title inspiration.