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My Kingdom for Some Truculence!

Get on the horn!  Sound the alarm!  Gather the board members and lead the charge, that is, if you're the right person for the job.  It's time for another installment of: "Take a Seat in the Armchair"


Are you handsome enough to do this job?  Well, are ya, punk? (via

Our last two questions have been focused on the GM side of things but today's is a coaching query.  You are Ron "You Can Call Me Sir" Wilson and you've got a team full of paper doll forwards.  After a season behind the bench, there is still a plethora of Downy soft players and despite your best efforts, things don't seem to be changing.

From your seat , you'll need the vision, the moxie and a penchant for verbosity if you're going to convince the powers that be you're in need of some immediate changes in the line up.  You'll need to prove to your boss that the problems lay with the players and not with you.  In addition to all this, given the amount of time you'll spend behind a camera, you better have a pretty face.

What's your call?  What does the future hold for these lightweights?  Are you on the phone with your boss begging for some call ups?  Do you go a step further and implore Brian Burke to make some trades?  Is there an adjustment that can be made in your plays that will better emphasize the skills of the guys you've already got?

So tell us coach, how are you going to Truculize(?) this Leafs squad?