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Introducing the Leafmobile

Will Leafmobile be our good luck charm?
Will Leafmobile be our good luck charm?

Currently I'm trying to get a job on the TSN analyst panel but they told me I need to have some hard hitting TSN style analysis. I looked at the Leafs terrible record and decided what's wrong with the team is most likely curse related due to that time John Mitchell swore at a voodoo priest while on a trip to New Orleans.

Obviously the only way to break a curse is to have a good luck charm. First up is the lucky rabbit's foot which is much too fuzzy and not nearly truculent enough with the additional negative of not being politically correct anymore.

Then it hit me: what we need is a hilariously decorated car. One google search and an obliging old webpage later I had found the Leafmobile. What does Leafmobile bring to the table? I'll tell you!

  • Leafmobile is a bonafied certified super-sized Toronto ride.
  • With some clever work we can make "316 miles to Pittsburgh" jokes.
  • This car is so mean it crashes into Dany Heatley.
  • You like Leafmobile and think it's awesome.

So with all of those terrific reasons it's easy to see why Leafmobile is here to stay.

UPDATE: Gustavsson to the IR. Leafmobile is the worst good luck charm ever.