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We Are the Dead...

So, that was not very much fun.  Losing to the Wild, and looking rather disinterested in the process.  That said, Phil Kessel's (first true) goal was a beauty.  I am feeling rather melancholic, let's get to the links, but please join me after the jump for a quick personal story...

Today is Remembrance Day (or Veterans Day in the US.)  My grandfather served on the HMS Ajax in WWII and I am so very proud of him.  He passed on about 20 years or so ago now, but I still remember his tattoo, an anchor, he received for crossing the equator.  I still remember the stories he'd share with my brother and I.  I remember how he'd keep them light and fun.   Mischievous tails about a mischievous boy, seeing the world.

Never did we hear about the war, and it wasn't until many years later I realized it was because of how much he must have still hurt from what he'd seen and lost.  I don't mean for this to be a long wrought out disertation on the bravery of our armed forces and the necessity of their sacfrifice, or whatever other jingoisms people spew on days like today. 

I mean no offense to anyone, I just wanted to say thank you Grampa, and thank you to all the men and women serving or who have served.






If you or a loved one are serving, or have served, feel free to share your stories in the comments.  Or, if you'd rather just talk hockey, we've been known to enjoy that as well!