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For Vesa's Eyes Only

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Vesa, listen to the sound of my voice.  Throw away your cares.  Focus only on my voice.  Vesa, you are feeling relaxed.  So relaxed.  A deep calm is coming over you.  Do you feel it Vesa?  Embrace the peace.  Concentrate on that feeling of contentment, let it consume you Vesa.  And as it consumes you, feel your conscious mind let go. 

Feel your eyes getting heavy Vesa.  Your mind wants to wander, let it do so.  You are feeling so relaxed now.  Throw away your cares.  Feel your toes as they relax.  Feel your knees relax.  Feel your legs relax.  Slowly, bit by bit, let your body relax Vesa.  Good.  You will feel so relaxed, you might even fall asleep.  You might become entranced in your contentment.  Yes Vesa, a trance... 

Are you relaxed Vesa?  Are you in a trance?  Excellent.  Now, repeat after me:  I will not play like Vesa Toskala.  I will not let in a soft goal.  I will get...wait.  Why is your head bopping?  Vesa?  Vesa!?  VESSSAAAAA!!!!!!


And that's how Vesa became a terrible goalie, he's stuck in a trance.  (via