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Flames at Leafs


After a surprising non-blowout loss to Chicago last night the Leafs return home to face another really good team from the west; the Calgary Flames. Here's Puck Daddy's Two Line Pass with a witty and informative blurb about the Flames:

This is a pretty strong Calgary team that's been playing real well of late.

The defense is pretty excellent. Any D corps in which Dion Phaneuf (back to playing not-terrible, if you can believe it) is the No. 3 defenseman tends to do well on a nightly basis, more or less. It took a few weeks to work the kinks out, but let's chalk it up to the new coach and the fact that Staffan Kronwall is, in a number of ways, dogshit on a plate. Miikka "2.38/.921" Kiprusoff hasn't played well enough to justify those stats, but he's benefited from the best on-paper defense in the league, so good job!

Up front, not so much on the good front. Jarome Iginla is actually playing hockey like you'd think Jarome Iginla can, which is nice, and Rene Bourque has just been phenomenal. Besides that, I'll trade you Olli Jokinen for Vesa Toskala straight up.

I have Olli Jokinen in the PPPPP, what an asshole. Monster gets the start after Toskala put on a strong show last night. Don't forget your SPG picks and go Leafs go!