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Tuesday Has No Feeling

There are somethings that can only be said by a Seinfeld episode.

  • The Zambonic Youth gang take a hot stove/round table approach to the season so far, and come to one conclusion: The Leafs may stink, but boy, they sure do love them all the same.  Well, maybe a little less...
  • As he is sometimes wanton to do, mf37 tears out my heart, then stomps on it. Then lights it on fire. As the saying goes: Rule #2 - Double tap.
  • Loser Domi - Honkeydectomy. Need I say more?
  • Steve has let the MSM have their way with stats and story lines. Now it's his turn .
  • The Vintage Leafs give you a picture of a better #14.
  • Having seen as much of this Leafs squad as is humanly bearable, the Old Guys in Blue and White are hoping November brings some roster changes, in any way possible.
  • The Other Vatican is looking past current troubles to a brighter tomorrow. Not tomorrow as in the day after today, but a more metaphoric "tomorrow."  He's also got an announcement about his own better tomorrows.  Go over and show him some love.
  • Frozen Leafs does not like the jungle gym approach to this season by the Leafs.  No more slides, please.
  • Getting to know the Great Bobby Or...err, Colton Orr!
  • Christian Hanson will be an NHL player, but don't take my word for it.  Ask Marlies coach Dallas Eakins: "He is going to be in the NHL. He is going to find a way. I see it in his eyes."
  • This is more of an "Ain't that interesting" kind of link. Reports out of Columbus seem to indicate Nikita Filatov is unhappy with his role on the Blue Jackets and could be packing up and heading east, to Russia. I wonder if they'd be open to trading him...? (Prepare for an e3 on this tomorrow.)