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Leafs at Sens: Embarrassing Facts Edition

7:30PM ET Sportsnet Ontario

Greetings Leafs fans. Regular Chemmy has died and has been replaced with "Delirious H1N1 Chemmy". You probably won't notice any difference.

The Senators haven't sold outtonight's game against the Leafs. It makes me wonder if fairweather Ottawa fans are staying away or if Leafs fans aren't bothering to go see them play. An interesting note is that despite the SBN Senators blog's URL being "", their Twitter being @silversevensens and their authors signing emails with "S7S" the blog name is simply "Silver Seven" and you're a jerk if you don't realize that.

I'll end this short preview with a quote from noted wuss Mike Fisher, keep in mind the game will be played in Ottawa:

We want to get the crowd out of it early.

Wanting to get the home crowd out of it early is probably pretty hard in Ottawa to be honest. There's not a lot else going on. Goaltenders are Pascal Leclaire and Vesa Toskala, make a pot of coffee to stay awake for this one and don't forget your SPG Picks.