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Welcome Back Leafs

God's Team went 1-1-3 on a five game road trip and they would have done better if someone whose nickname rhymes with "Dog ship" didn't torpedo a strong effort on Saturday. Have the Leafs turned the corner, who knows? But tomorrow night the latest in a string of Leafs saviours, Phil Kessel, makes his debut at the ACC in front of the faithful, the suits, and in front of our unquestioned starting goaltender: the Monster.

The weird thing about all of this is Damien Cox:

But you'd have to agree seven points is hardly an Everest-like mountain to climb. If the Leafs did catch the pack, it wouldn't go down as one of the greatest hockey comebacks since the Miracle on Manchester.

I just read a Damien Cox post and feel BETTER about the Leafs. What the hell is going on? Someone hold me. I made the mistake of believing in Toskala on Saturday, check this out:

8:15 Chemmy: Oh my god please let Toskala be ready to be a sick backup/platoon goalie.

Followed immediately by:


So, Damien, this isn't personal unlike most of my puerile grudges. You seem to be writing great articles but if I stop hating you that all might go away. So, here it is: