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Big Trouble in Little Barilkosphere

Given the reactions in the post game thread, I'm fairly certain today's FTB will be written for an audience of just a handful of true blue Leafs fans.  I can understand how some people want to jump ship.  All summer long, we fans were being sold on the promises of big words about being bad-asses.  You could almost hear the shouts of "The broad street bullies are back!"

Then, the preseason began, and things looked fantastic.  The kids played well, and were impressive in their limited pre-season action.  The season started, and, well, you know how it goes from there...

I intended for this to be a positive note about the bright spots for the Leafs, but even out here in California, the Carolina loss was a tough one to take.  On the plus side, I had lots of time left on my hands for the evening, so I watched my favorite movie.  A movie about a man and his truck.  And kung-fu. 

Immediately transcended out of my funk, I remembered what got me through last season.  And stinky seasons in the 80s and 90s.  And the entire JFJ era.  I'm a Leafs fan.  Then, on queue, Jack Burton spoke to me, he spoke to us all really, when he said:

Just remember what old Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, the poison arrows fall from the sky and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big old storm right in the eye and says "Give me your best shot. I can take it."

The Leafs lost last night, again.  But I can take it...