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Maple Leafs 1 v. Lightning 2 (OT): Referees Are as Bad as MLB Umpires

What absolute horseshit. Of course that dummy Doug Maclean is saying it's a good goal when Ryan Malone throws Gustavsson into the net. Nice to see Stajan just give the puck up after he's made a good play. Typical. 95% well done and then he falls. Should have had the winner too. Thank goodness Gustavsson is our number one. Not the best first goal but does anyone else still have heart palpitations when the puck goes near him?

Of course, this is all moot if the Leafs had buried some of those powerplay opportunities or if Phil Kessel had scored on one of his 20 attempted shots or the 10 that hit the net. Great debut but it could have used a goal. And it's clear he's not a porcelain doll.

Anyway, share your thoughts folks.