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What do the Leafs do at Centre?

It's painfully obvious that the Leafs need a better option to pass to Phil Kessel than Matt Stajan. They also probably need a better winger than Jason Blake on that line but that's a Question of the Day for another day. Today's question: what should the Leafs do at centre?

  1. Stay the course: Tyler Bozak and Nazem Kadri are in the system and will fill the need eventually. This is obviously the most cap friendly move but what if Kadri isn't ready next season? What if Bozak isn't the right fit for Kessel?
  2. Bring in a UFA: Marc Savard is a UFA this summer as are Patrick Marleau and Olli Jokinen. The problem with this is what do we do with Grabovski, Bozak and Kadri? Grabovski makes $3M, Bozak makes $3.75, and if we're grooming Kadri he needs top line time too.
  3. Michael Nylander. Can Toronto convince Washington to bring Nylander through re-entry waivers and claim him for half of his $4.8 cap hit? Washington is desperately trying to clear cap space, maybe getting half of that space is enough. Nylander is old but is still a playmaking centre and an intriguing option to replace Matt Stajan.

Have at it in the comments. What do you think the Leafs should do at centre? Who stays? Who goes?