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Maple Leafs 5 v. Red Wings 1: The Monster Saves...

and the defence clears the rebounds. That's how things worked tonight as the Toronto Maple Leafs stretched their point streak to 8 games and their winning streak to two games with a 5-1 win over the Red Wings. The most impressive thing was that for the majority of the game the Red Wings did not look dangerous at all and when they did there was the Leafs goaltender of the present and future Jonas Gustavsson ready to slam the door. Daniel Cleary potted the lone Wings goal but that's hardly fair because he was on 99 career goals so it was pre-ordained.

The three stars for tonight's game were:

  1. Jonas Gustavsson - Duh. The guy is huge, fast, confident, attractive, and signs autographs with "The Monster"
  2. Phil Kessel - Game winning goal and he continues to put those 'lazy backchecker' stories to rest so far.
  3. Ian White - It goes without saying that he was steady and good as always.

Also, Don Cherry just called out the fans that wore those Upset Fan bags are jerks and stupid. I heartily approve.

This is your post-game instant reaction thread.