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Maple Leafs 3 v. Canadiens 0: Celebrations Ruined

Oompa Loompa Doopity Dewed
When Colton Orr Scores
You know that you're screwed

Oompa Loompa Doopity Dinger
And that goes double when
The second's from Finger

What would you if Matt Stajan made it three
Probably boo your team and from the Bell Centre flee!

The Maple Leafs picked a great night to get their first win against a divisional opponent. And to be quite frank, from what I saw, the Canadiens were never in this game. Craig MacTavish described them as too weak and frail to compete with a hungry Leafs' squad and I think that assessment was bang on. On a night when the Leafs' goalies combined for perfection Jim Carey Price didn't bring the kind fo game that he needed. One can't be surprised that Stajan's goal went high glove since the Leafs have long exploited that weakness. Colton Orr scoring though? Yeah, that's freaking shocking. The guy had four career goals coming into the game. Shows how players can get rewarded by going to the freaking net.

In a game that saw the Leafs' defence continue to look like the unit we all expected alongside some pretty truculent forwards there was one glaring bad moment. Finding out that Joey MacDonald was in net because Jonas Gustavsson had to leave due to an elevated heart rate is not the kind of thing that you want to hear when you are driving. Right now it's all precautionary but so was his trip during training camp. Toskala is hurt too. That's not meant to comfort anyone so much as confirm that he is strill injured. Phew. The bright side is that Joey MacDonald, after a pretty poor audition earlier in the season, looked like the guy that posted a .901Sv% on Long Island last year.

It's probably apt that the Leafs' will get credit for the shutout as opposed to either of the goalies because it really was a team effort. The best news of the night though: the Habs will stop having centennial celebrations within a year or two.

So who impressed you guys? Who could have done more? How do you feel about Joey MacDonald taking over the reins?