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Leafs Win, Isles Lose and My Dad is Taller Than Yours

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Oh, he's serious.

Well that was fun, and sticks with what appears to be the Leafs recent penchant for lose one, win two.  That means tonight's game against Boston should be a...oh.  Crap.  Maybe we should give this guy's dad a call and put him in the line up.  Seriously, he's like...well, you can read it, can't you?

There's not much else that puts me in a better mood than when the Leafs win.  Mainly because the Barilkosphere buzzes to life and fantastic posts of hope and possibilities flow through the intertubes and into my laptop.  I still contend that the best part about being a Leafs fan is the fans.  We can disagree on a multitude of issues, including ones pertinent to the Leafs.  However, when the team wins, well it's just icing on the cake...

  • Our very own WAC knows a thing or two about starting and ending your day right. Take two looks at each of these before you eat, and two more before you got bed. You'll feel better for it. I promise.
  • Shocking I know, but even eyebleaf can get down. More shocking is how Jason Blake and Vesa Toskala can cheer him up.  Since he's feeling positive, you know he's only thinking one thing. No not, that you pervert. Well, ok, probably that as well, but in addition to PLAYOFFS!!!1
  • The general has been watching the Leafs slowly crawl their way back to respectability.  In the process, he's noticed a few players stepping up and making an impact.  Also, he's been conspicuously absent lately so maybe you should go over to his blog and ask what's up with that...?
  • Hungry Leafs Fan is having two times the funn at Leafs games.  Especially since they finally won one with him in attendance.
  • The Battle of Ontario's Five-O puts together two statements that in previous days would have seemed incongruent.
  • Leafs Fan Forever likes surprises.
  • Newcomer to MLHS, Derek Harmsworth shines an ever widening spotlight on the better players for the Leafs last night.
  • TSM finds it interesting that the MSM seems to think Burke will resign all the team's pending UFAs and RFAs thanks to the recent improvement in play.  It's curious because Burke didn't jump the gun when things were down.  Why would he do that now?
  • Norman James has Nazem Kadri coming to his radio program "Da Hook" on Friday night. I thought we might want to mark that in our calendars...
  • Terry Sawchuk is not just a footnote in Martin Brodeur's assault on the record books, he's an icon in his own right. SBN's own Copper & Blue introduces you to "Uke."
  • As I've recently discovered, Pennsylvanians are a rough and tumble bunch. MYFO has the proof, on video.


*This post was published live at 1:30 AM Pacific.  I can't sleep, but I'll make another attempt soonnzndfzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz