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Toronto Maple Leafs v. Boston Bruins: Translation Problems

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Fighting in Punjabi doesn't sound any tougher

What you are experiencing while viewing that video (make sure to listen) is what the Maple Leafs encountered last Saturday. They knew what was going on and what was supposed to happen but nothing made any sense. Their forwards' efforts weren't rewarded, their goalies didn't make any saves, and their defence turned back the clock to October.

Tonight they get a quick chance to redeem themselves and avenge one of the few blights over their past 10 games. Phil BOOOOOOOO Kessel's got that first BOOOOOOOOO game out of the BOOOOOOOOOO way so he'll BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo know what to expect and hopefully BOOOOOOOOOOO he'll react much better than he did on the weekend.

Wrap's tending to familial duties but the same rules apply: Keep it relevant and as insightful as possible. Newcomers, this is a good chance to say hello. Don't be shy. Also, remember your SPG picks.