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I Press Triggers, I Don't Press People's Buttons

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Tonight the Maple Leafs take on the Washington Capitals. Now, I could get all presidential and whatnot (I can only use I'm Just a Bill so much...) for the thread but I think I've been and flogged that horse to death. So I give you a song to dance to. Merrily enjoy your hockey this evening. Win or lose, just rock out. Stand rules apply: keep it cute or put it on mute. Title images and gifs. Do SPG picks. You got this, right? I knew it.

Go Leafs Go.

A PSA from WAC: I know times are tough. Holidays can be stressful and exhausting. But this is the time to think of others and things to be greatful for. It's about doing what you can to bring cheer to others. Why not show the world that gamers and nerds can do some good? Take a look at Child's Play. This charity is dedicated to bringing joy to kiddos in hospitals. It's small gestures but these children love Mario Kart to take their mind off of being in a bed. You can chose an area hospital and browse their Amazon wishlist and see what is needed. It's small things like batteries and coloring books.

Thank you and xoxo,