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Apologies for the profanity in the title I didn't want it to be terribly vague; "loser team from shit hole city comes to glorious capital of everything that's good in this world". The Ottawa S*nators are in town tonight meaning their usual collection of pillow soft gutless pukes are quite possibly skating on our home ice right now. Despicable. I'd advocate welding the doors shut and burning the ACC down if we could get everyone who works there and is involved with the Leafs out without the S*ns noticing.

Gustavsson is out but due to return in the middle of this week. Aside from one weak goal on Saturday Toskala actually kept the Leafs in a game with timely goaltending. He'll get the start tonight and has to know that fucking it up now means Gustavsson will get all the playing time he could want.

Pascal Leclaire is still out after God punished him for playing for Ottawa, meaning we'll see Brian Elliott in net tonight:

Brian Elliott

#30 / Goalie / Ottawa Senators



Apr 09, 1985

2009 - Brian Elliott 17 976 8 6 45 2.77 460 415 .902 1

That's a face made for radio. Hoo-boy.

I really wish we had a phrase for "must win" in the sense that I despise Ottawa and can't stand that we haven't annihilated them and eaten one of their players' children at center ice without the annoying "must win" stigma. You know what I mean, the Leafs probably aren't a playoff team and yet they've played 30 must win games already this season. I'm thinking of a new term I'll get back to you all.

Until then this is the weakest team the Leafs are going to play in the next two weeks, let's build some momentum heading into games with Phoenix, Buffalo and Boston. Don't forget your SPG picks, check out the Battle of Ontario and Silver Seven Sens for more coverage and go Leafs go!