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Haters Gonna Hate

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For most of Leafs Nation, hating the Senators is an interest and activity. In fact, some of you probably have it listed on your Facebook somewhere between "dipping fries in my frosty" and "pwning n00bz in NHL 10." The world cannot handle the venom for the Sens contained within the Leafs vessel. It's political and it's ugly. Much like the Protestants and Catholics, Hatfields and McCoys, Schrute and Halpert, the Jersey Shore cast and the entire free world...

The Sens like to think they are above the Leafs. As if. Haters to the left. The Leafs are about tradition and legacy. Plus our jerseys are wayyyy better.

The Leafs slayed the Captials dragon and I think a dismantling of Ottawa is in order. It's looking like Luke Schenn is sitting this one out again. But perhaps he will be in another snappy suit.

Express your feelings of the Sens in haiku form. Best haiku gets you a million fake points redeemable for nothing.

Do those SPG picks.

I didn't even mention Jared Cowen once...oh.