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I've Been Busy Making Other Plans

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So it is another short and sweet FTB.  Well, short anyways... 

  • Our very own Bitter Leaf kicks things off first.  Is John Mitchell's injury the best thing to ever happen to the Leafs (Stajan in particular) so far this season?  Speaking of Matt Stajan, how much money is he going to cost come July?
  • Toronto Mike was the latest blogger invited to the press box by the Leafs.  It's a day late but here is his take from press box seat #67 of the Ottawa at Toronto game.
  • Under the Helmet of Slava Duris has been tracking the Leafs scoring chances each game.  I suck because I keep forgetting to link it.  So, hopefully, that's been rectified.
  • The problem with winning (if you can call it a problem) is that players once deemed a waste of space, suddenly don't look so bad.  The question is, what to do?  The Bud Blog was kind of hoping you might know...
  • No one wants to be held accountable when the chips are down and life is rough, but win a few games, and suddenly leaders are crawling out of the woodwork.   Frozen Leaf takes a look at who those players are this season.
  • Although much of our talk has centered around Team Canada, there are in fact other countries playing hockey in the winter Olympics as well.  No idea why though.  Anyhoo, HockeyCentric runs down the Leafs potential Olympic hopefuls, and shockingly Stajan isn't one of them.
  • UPDATE: Down Goes Brown continues to go through the product of a well spent youth. Today it results in the latest Great Obscure Moments in Leafs History.