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Maple Leafs 2 v. Coyotes 5: Please Let This End

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Yeah, so there have been two terrible calls by the referees leading to two goals and arguably one that they made a complete assumption on. Not a single angle showed that the puck was in so unless the ref was lying on the ice he guessed at it. Of course, since he called it a goal on the ice the fact that there is no proof that it went in can't change a thing. Here's Chemmy's take:

Shitty calls happen. Can't change that. You should be able to expect average-ish goaltending when you spend two firsts and Tuukka Rask to get it. Fuck JFJ.

So Kessel adds a late one because he's nails but can the Leafs wake up? So far it's been one way traffic and no amount of competent refereeing can possibly help a team that won't help itself.