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DiDomenico Skating Again

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Didomenico via <a href=""></a>
Didomenico via

Last year, former Leafs coach Pat Quinn put DiDomenico on a line with John Tavares and Angelo Esposito. DiDomenico, never the strongest skater, thrived as a cornerman to the two junior stars. -

Coming back to the QMJHL after the WJC Chris DiDomenico scored 35 points in 15 playoff games before breaking his leg and famously telling his teammates to win the game while being strapped down and carried off the ice.

He's been skating for weeks since the injury and has used his time off to bulk up:

Recovery means a tough regimen. He builds up his lower body through weight training and then hits the ice for 90 minutes to two hours. It’s just him and a 100 or so pucks.

You have to love this kid's attitude:

Although he has a year left in junior, DiDomenico hopes that when he does return he will be playing for the AHL Marlies.

"Everything happens for a reason," he said. "I take the positive out of things. This gave me a chance to put on the extra weight."

Good to see he's still in high spirits and is using his work ethic to power through a rough spot in his life. As Leafs fans we're all hoping for DiDomenico to make the Marlies next year and develop into something special. Best of luck kid, we're pulling for you.

Glove tap to Crash the Crease for linking to the article.