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Maple Leafs @ Sabres: LOOK OUT HERE I COME!

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Thaaaat's what she said. Now that that is out of the way, I will be hitting the road within an hour for an epic sports and gambling weekend that will likely see me cripplingly ill for the second Christmas in a row. The good news is two-fold of course:

  1. Presents cheer me up!
  2. I am healthy by New Year's Eve

I have only heard good things about...well, the price of beer at the HSBC and the wings at Duff's. I have been to Buffalo so I am well aware of the post-apocalyptic wasteland into which I will be entering but I think that our mix of flamethrowers, flashlights, silver bullets, gold bullion and crucifixes should prepare us for anything that the masses might throw at us.

The last time the Leafs were in Buffalo Grabovski scored that late equaliser to send the home invading hordes into rapture. I can only hope for a repeat. Hope really is all we have considering the Leafs are 5-9-2 at Alphabet Arena since the lockout with 39 goals for and 56 goals against. Narrow that down to a Friday night and the Leafs are only 3-4-1 with a 22/26 split. Take out the 2005-2006 season and the Leafs are 3-2-1 with 18 goals for and 15 against. YES!

Basically, it's a coin flip whether I'll be drinking to celebrate or drinking to numb the pain. Either way, the vendor in my section wins and that's important because living in Buffalo means he wasn't born on third thinking he had hit a triple but he was born on the bench with a couple of strikeouts to his name.

Anway, onto the actual game, Stalberg has been called up and will be on the ice while Luke Schenn is back in the lineup ready to reap a harvest of souls as part of his return to the lineup after three games spent stewing at the thought that Garnet Exelby might actually be better than him. I actually feel really good about this!...

Miller has also stoned the Leafs in two previous meetings this season, allowing only two goals. Toronto has now lost seven consecutive times to the Sabres dating back to last season.

Oh for the love of Christ...Go Leafs Go!