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Bruins at Leafs

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Puck Drop: 7PM ET CBC, NHLN-US

I feel like we've covered this to death so today's preview is going to be really short. Goaltending matchups should be Jonas Gustavsson (16/17 = .941 last night) vs. Tuukka Rask (1.97 GAA .932 SV% this season, thanks JFJ).

The Bruins are pretty banged up, they were without Mark Stuart (broken sternum) and Dennis Wideman in last night's shootout loss to Antti Niemi's Blackhawks, a game in which Boston was outshot 44-29. Both the Leafs and Bruins played last night, if you call what the Leafs did "playing", let's hope the Leafs get some revenge for the past two stomping's Boston's given us however unlikely that may be.

Remember your SPG picks and go Leafs go.